Norton Setup

This guide will help you to create a Norton account and how to sign in via for accessing the Norton services.

Create an Account

Norton account lets you configure all your subscriptions, activate or renew the products and store the keycodes in one place. Also, this is the initial and compulsory step whenever you go for purchasing or activating a norton product key. Account creation is simple and takes only a few moments. Hence, read and carry out the given steps while creating an account via

  1. Power on your system and connect it to the high-speed Wifi. Now, select and open a web browser from the desktop of your system. Type into the address bar and press the Enter key.
  2. This will bring up the Welcome to Norton LifeLock window. Here you will observe two different options i.e Sign In and Create Account. To start the process, click Create Account. 
  3. Provide your email id through which you want to continue Norton services and to receive all the emails of the latest offers. 
  4. For confirming the email address, type it again into the very next field. Now, set a password that must comprise 8 or more alphanumeric characters and symbols. While typing the password, it will show you the status i.e Too Short, Fair, and Strong. Ensure that your password is strong and difficult. 
  5. Now, enter your first and last name into their corresponding fields. Then, give your mobile number so that you can receive important details regarding Norton services via SMS. In addition, select your Country name. 
  6. To get immediate emails related to your Norton subscription, updates, and recent offers, you have to tick mark the checkbox mentioned there. Further to open the Norton Privacy Policy document, click on its link. It is important for every user to properly review the entire document before creating an account.
  7. Once you have read it and you have no doubts about the Norton privacy policy, click on Create Account. Now, you have to verify your account. To do so, launch the account confirmation mail that you have delivered on your provided email address and click confirm Now. In this manner, you can create a Norton account with ease.

Sign In to Your Account via

Once you have done the registration, you can access your account whenever you need it. Simply run a web browser and visit All you need to do is to click on the Sign In tab and it will request you to input your login credentials. Hence, type your email id that is already linked with Norton into the Email Address field. To continue, type your Norton password into its allotted field. Also, enable the checkbox “Remember me on this device” and then tap Sign In.

How to enable two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication helps in preventing your account from unauthorized access by providing additional security. By enabling it, you have to provide a verification code with the Norton password whenever you attempt to access your Norton account. Hence, your purchased subscriptions or keycodes cannot be accessed by any hacker and are completely secured. Take a look at the step-by-step procedure that is given below: 

  1. Step ahead to Input the email address and passphrase into the space provided. Then click Sign in.
  2. The Account Settings window will come into view. To add a second layer of protection, go to the section of Two-Factor Authentication. Click on “Norton Setup Two-Factor Authentication” and a new window will pop-up, click Get Started.
  3. In the next window, click on the “Get Code by Phone” link and you will be asked to type your phone number for receiving a text via SMS. Hence, input your phone number that is working and to confirm you are a human being, enable the checkbox “I am not a robot”. Then click next. 
  4. Now, open the SMS on your phone and enter the Norton Security Code on the computer screen. Then, click Next. 
  5. Thereafter, it will ask you to add an alternate phone number in case your primary phone is unavailable. Hence provide your other phone number or any family member’s phone number. Tick the “I am not a robot” checkbox, click Next and enter the security code. 
  6. Finally, click Finish. The two-factor authentication is now enabled.