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Norton Download

Cybercrime has increased over the last decade. Therefore, the protection of such crimes has also evolved. Furthermore, cases of spyware, identity theft, trojan attacks, malware & ransomware are common now. Moreover, what would you do if your data was lost? Hence, your first instinct would be to report in the cyber cell. Well, we know something that can protect you from all these unfortunate things. And that is Norton Antivirus. It provides comprehensive protection against all cyber security threats. 

Now don’t rush anywhere; we will help you get total cyber security by giving step-by-step instructions for Norton download and installation. However, you can’t get back your stolen data. Hence, you can save your data under cyber protection. Cyber protection is a practice to secure computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, and networks. You can secure all your information and electronic technology from malicious attacks. Therefore, the Norton Device Security is a firm solution to all of it. 

Here's a detailed guide for your Norton download. A setup for a secure digital lifestyle

  • First of all, you need to make a Norton email account on
  • Note: It’s crucial to have a Norton login account for Norton download and total device security.
  • Now you can log in to your account to purchase Norton cyber security products.
  • After the purchase, you will receive a confirmation email. It consists of a product key and a Norton download link.
  • Now visit and sign in with your Norton account email address and password. 
  • Next, click Download in the My Norton portal.
  • You can download it on Microsoft, Windows, Mac, Android, and Apple.
  • The Get Started page will open; click on “Agree & Download.”
  • In the case of mobile devices, choose the subscription that you want to download and tap Next.

Additional steps for Norton Download according to the device.

  • WINDOWS: After the Download, run the installer from your browser. Moreover, press the Ctrl +J key to open the Downloads window in your browser. Now double-click on the file you have downloaded. However, if the User Account Control window appears, click “Continue.” Next, just follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.
  • MAC: To install Norton products on Mac, you need to have Mac OS X 10.10.x or a further updated version. The download method is the same as windows. Although, before installing, make sure to read the Norton License Agreement. Follow the screen instructions to install the Norton Device Security as per your system version. 
  • ANDROID: Tap Install on the Norton 360 app in the Google Play Store app for Android devices. OnceTap Open once the installation is complete. To proceed, you must read and accept the License and Services Agreement, acknowledge our Global Privacy Statement, and continue. Furthermore, sign in by using your Norton account email and password. Norton 360 app installation is now complete.
  • APPLE (iPHONE AND iPAD): On the App Store, tap Download under Norton 360. Also, for the iPad, tap Install and follow the on-screen instructions. To launch Norton 360, tap Open after the Download is complete. Please read and accept the License and Services Agreement, acknowledge our Global Privacy Statement, and click Continue. Enter your account email address and password, and tap Sign In.

The procedure mentioned above will ease your Norton download. Furthermore, you now have access to Norton Device Security for all your device types. Well, the cyber protection setup is not complete yet. You need to activate your product key to enable the function of Norton Security.

Procedure to activate your Norton device security product

In pursuit of complete information technology and digital protection, product activation is necessary. By activating your Norton key, you can rest assured and surf freely on the web. Go to, tap on Enter Product Key. Next, enter the product key that you purchased. Furthermore, follow the screen instruction to complete the setup. However, if you are a new consumer, you can create a sign-in account from; the above-outlined step will lead you through Norton download and installation.