Norton Setup

Norton Product Key

Norton is one of the most widely used antivirus software that is used worldwide in order to safeguard from spams and frauds. Users must have a Norton product key in order to operate and use your antivirus software. Here is the complete procedure that will help you out in finding your product key and using it to activate your purchased Norton subscription.

How to obtain the Norton Product Key?

There are multiple locations from where you can easily get the product key depending upon your purchase. You need to check your purchase confirmation mail if you have purchased the product via an online store. Open the confirmation mail received from Norton and there you will get the product key or else you will get the instructions from where you can acquire it. On the other hand, if you have bought your product from a retail store you can grab the product key either in the product box or will find it printed on a product key card inside the box. 

Illustrative Procedure to Activate the Norton Product Key

Norton Product Key

Before activating your product key code you must ensure that your computer is linked with high speed and reliable internet network connection. If you are using the wired connection, check that ethernet cable is properly attached to your computing device and with your router. 

  • Open the preferred web browser of your choice-  First of all, you must turn your computing device on and launch the latest and upgraded version of the web browser on your system. For this, Windows users can operate any of the web browsers like Opera, Google Chrome, Firefox, and so on. Similarly, the Mac users can operate the Apple Safari on its device. 
  • Go to the Norton Activation Window-  Now, users have to look for a safe and secure mode of activating the Norton product. For this, you can simply visit the official webpage for activating the product key i.en Hit the enter key from your keyboard and then you have to wait for few minutes until it loads the pages properly. Once you reach the main interface of Norton, you will see a highlighted Enter a Product key tab, click on it to move to the next step to pursue with the installation process. 
    Sign in to your Norton account- As a result, it will prompt you to sign in to your Norton account. You can do so by providing the correct email address that you entered while establishing the account via . Also, you have to enter the password that is associated with this account very carefully to avoid sign-in issues. And then, simply drag your cursor and tap on the Sign In tab. 

Note: If the users don’t have the account, it is important to create it first for this, click Create account. After this, you will be prompted to enter some mandatory details like email address, password, and your complete name. Besides this, you also have to input the 10 digits mobile number that you want to link with this account and click Create Account. Soon after this, you need to verify your mail that you get from Norton to establish the user account. 

  • Insert the Norton Product Key-  Once you successfully logged into your account, it will lead you to the Product Activation Window. In the same window, you will be displayed a long text bar to insert the activation key code. Here, if you have purchased the product online, then copy and paste the Norton Product key from the confirmation mail. Otherwise, scratch the silver coating on the retail card that you get while purchasing from a physical store. And then, note down the 25 digit Norton Product key into the text bar. Verify the product key once entered and take your cursor and simply click on the arrow button.
    Open the Norton Downloading window- It will present you with the Norton Downloading window in front of you. Here, you have to click on the Agree and Download tab. Immediately it will initiate the downloading process. Later on, it automatically saves the setup file in the system’s download folder. Double-click on it and it will launch the setup file and then pursue the installation process by following online instructions closely on your computing device.