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Step-by-Step Guide to Manage your Norton Account.
Norton Setup & Installation
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What is Norton Antivirus? – In today’s times, most of our activities and transactions are done online so you must have outstanding antivirus software installed to keep it safe and secure. Therefore, it is essential to have an antivirus program that offers highly advanced protection not only against viruses for your computer devices, but also to protect you from hackers or fraud. Hence, Norton antivirus is one of the most recognizable brands that gives 100% protection to your computer devices and protects you from unauthorized access to websites and data. different products as per the needs and requirements of the users. Different Norton products are designed with some new and most recently launched features that will help in enhancing your experience. It not only protects your Windows and Mac computing devices but also provides complete security to your Andriod and iOs mobile phones also. As soon as you complete the process you can access the award-winning and top-notch features of the Norton software. 

With the help of the Norton product, you can secure your confidential information with its enhanced security features. Also, using this software your kids can surf, explore, and enjoy the digital world safely. In addition to this, by accessing Norton’s new product you can get access to its Lifelock Identity Theft Protection and enhanced security features for all your computing devices so as to keep your data secure and safe.

Why choose Norton antivirus?

Norton antivirus

Norton antivirus has become the topmost priority of the users in order to enjoy its amazing and upgraded features. You can opt for this security solution for regularly scanning your computing device against the emerging and new web threats from your system. Have a look at some extra features that are included in this software that makes it the best choice among any other antivirus.  

    • This software is easy to install on your computing as well as on your mobile device. You don’t need much technical knowledge to install it on your system. 
    • Norton also includes a cloud backup facility that protects your sensitive data, photos, and other confidential information secure even when your system is stolen or lost.
    • The best part about this software is that you can access the free trials of the Norton subscription and once you get convinced with the product you can purchase its subscription at the same time. 
    • It provides real-time threat protection against emerging and existing online threats and helps to safeguard your confidential information from unauthorized access. 
    • Also, it uses bank-grade encryption in order to keep your bank details and passwords secure and safe from hackers and frauds.

How to create my Norton Account?

Norton Account
    • In the beginning of, get prepared with your computing device that must receive a proper and strong internet connection.
    • Launch the safe and secure web browser of your choice on your device to reach the official website of Norton via 
    • On the same page, navigate and tap on the Sign In tab to move ahead with the
    • Further, you must select the Create Account tab in order to open the window for setting up your account.
    • This will present an application form that you have to fill with all the mandatory details. Here, first, you have to create and type in the email address in the respective field and then re-enter the exact email address once again to confirm it. 
    • After that, construct a unique and strong password that you have not used before. Along with this, mention your First and Last Name in their assigned fields. 
    • Insert the 10 digits mobile number that you are using at present. Also, choose the name of your country. 
    • Above all of this, you will get a link of Privacy Policy, click on it, and examine it carefully. 
    • Finally, look for the Create Account tab on the bottom of the page and press it to end the process. You will then receive a verification link, on your email address open it and click on the Verify tab. 

How to Download Norton Setup?

Norton Download
    • Access the official website of Norton by entering the web URL correctly in the address bar. To do so, use the web address 
    • Following that, you will get different tabs such as Products &Services, Internet Security Centre, Support, Free Trials, Sign In. Place your cursor and click on the Products & Services tab. 
    • As soon as you select this option, you can choose your Norton subscription as per your preference and needs. You can choose among the different Norton plans such as Comprehensive Plans, Device Security, and Online Services. 
    • Make the choice out of the products that are available on the site of Norton according to your choice. And then, select the Subscribe Now option beneath the name of your selected product. 
    • Consequently, the Shopping Cart window appears in front of you. Have a glimpse of the total order of the product before proceeding further with the Later on, press the highlighted yellow-colored Proceed To Secure Checkout tab. 
    • It will then prompt you to log in to your Norton account. Use the correct Norton login credentials in the specified fields and tap on Sign In.
    • Now, you are required to fill in all the mandatory Billing Details. For this, first, you have to opt for the mode of payment as per your choice and then fill in all the card details such as card number, date of registration and expiration, and many more. As well as you have to insert your personal details such as your residential address, contact number, etc. 
    • Cross-check all the details after entering and move ahead by placing an order. Access your Norton account to find your purchased Norton product conveniently. Tap on the Download button to begin the process. 
    • Deeply study the terms and conditions of the agreement and press the Agree & Download button. Automatically, it will start downloading the software on your device. Wait for it to finish.

How to Install Norton Setup?
    • Once you are done with Downloading the software, it will automatically save the setup file in your System’s Download folder. To start with the installation process, access the Download folder, and search for the Norton Setup file. When you find the file, double-click on the same in order to open it. 
    • Instantly, you will see a User Account Control dialog box to make the mandatory changes into your system. For this, click Yes and move to the next step for
    • This will present you with the main interface of Norton Installer on your screen. 
    • On the same screen, you will get the three important documents of Norton i.e Norton License Agreement, Privacy Policy, and Third-Party Norton. Examine each one of these links carefully without skipping any terms and conditions and then return back to the main Installation window. 
    • Besides this, select the checkbox in order to grant permission to automatically detects the threat entering your device. 
    • At last, pursue the installation process just by pressing the Install tab from the left-hand side of the page. The process of the installation starts immediately on your preferred device. Wait for it to complete and ensure that you are well-connected to the internet network during the entire process.

How to Activate Norton Setup?

It is important to activate your Norton subscription in order to utilize all its advanced and updated features. To initiate with the Norton Activation process you look for the activation key code that you get along with your product at the time of purchase. Look for the product key either in the purchase confirmation mail or in your Norton account. Otherwise, check for it on the back of the retail card that you get while purchasing from the physical store. 

Go to the webpage of Norton Activation by inserting the web address i.e within the browser’s address field. Hit the enter key and then wait until the pages load properly to reach the preferred webpage successfully. Move ahead with the process by selecting the Enter a Norton Product Key tab that you will trace on the left side of the screen. It will take you to a new screen, where it prompts you to either sign in or create an account. Simply input the username and password with which you have generated your account and tap on Sign In. 

Once you successfully logged in to your Norton login account you will be asked to input the product key in the assigned text field. Copy the product key carefully and check it twice to avoid further activation issues. Place your cursor and then click on the arrow button and it concludes the activation of your Norton purchased subscription for

How do I change my Norton account password?

Norton account is the account that contains all the sensitive information that can be hacked by unauthorized users. That is why changing the password for the same on a regular basis is necessary. As there might be chances that anyone can get into your Norton’s account and may steal some confidential information from your account. Follow the instructions below to change your Norton account password thoroughly and thus enjoy uninterrupted Norton account services.` 

    • Firstly, the users have to sign in to their Norton account by accessing the official website of Norton and then tap Sign In. input the correct username and password as per this account in their distinct text fields. 
    • Following that, look for the profile icon and click on it. After this, opt for the Personal Information option i.e the second option from the list. 
    • Under the section of Email And Password, tap on the Edit icon beside the field of the password.
    • The Change Password page will appear next on to your computer screen in which you can simply enter your current password. 
    • Further, construct a secure and long password for your Norton account. And then, in the confirm password text box type in the exact password once again. 
    • Finally, tap on the Change Password tab and now users can easily use their newly generated password to login to your Norton account.

How to renew Norton subscription?

You must have to renew your purchased Norton subscription before the trial or subscription period ends. So, that you can continue to access all the outstanding features of Norton and safeguard your device from all the emerging web threats. You can renew your Norton subscription using either the Automatic renewal method or you can renew it manually also. 

Automatic Renewal Method 

This is one of the simplest and user-friendly methods to renew your Norton subscription. It is the recommended method that automatically renews your subscription and it doesn’t require any user intervention. For this, it stores all your personal details along with the billing information, and later on, it renews your subscription before it comes to an end. 

Manually Renew your Norton Subscription  

You can also renew your Norton subscription manually. To do so users first have to log in to their Norton account using the correct login credentials. Once you visit your Norton’s account portal place your cursor on the Device Security and tap on it. You are then supposed to tap on the Renew option. Further, on the Norton products page, opt for your preferred product and then simply opt for Subscribe Now option. Sign in to your Norton account, if you might be prompted for it. Proceed further by submitting all your billing details and then placing an order. Soon after that, your subscription will be renewed.

How to Reinstall Norton?

Users have to re-install the Norton subscription in case you have already installed either the outdated or inappropriate version of Norton subscription. This is so because the users are unable to install the software and complete the So, as to fix this issue and install the software successfully on your system, it is compulsory to first uninstall recently installed the setup file and then, later on, re-install the Norton software. 

Reinstall Norton Manually 

Once you have completely uninstalled the software, visit the official website of Norton, purchase the appropriate Norton product. After this, users have to download the software using the download link that is available in your Norton account. You can also access the order confirmation mail to download it. Thereafter, search for the setup file in the System’s download folder, and double-click on it. Later on, Mac users are prompted to fill in their administrator login credentials. Further, move on by deeply studying the License agreement. Then, Hence tap on the Install tab. In the end, visit the webpage to activate your purchased Norton subscription just by following the above instructions closely.

There is yet another method to re-install the Norton software i.e through Norton Remove and Reinstall tool. To access this tool you first have to download it from Norton’s official website and then run the tool. Just after this, it removes the previously installed Norton application from your device and restarts your computer system. Later on, it installs the newest version of Norton on your system itself without creating any problem.

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